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Langley Backyard Elopement - Roman & Tiffany

What was yours and Roman's favourite part of the day?

After dinner when we were all sitting around the fire chatting with everyone and singing along to some awful music. Would you change anything about your wedding day?

I wouldn't change anything although I do wish that Roman's family could have been there. Any advice for future couples for their wedding day?

You'll never have as much time before the ceremony as you think you will. Things will go fast and you will run out of time. Any Covid-19 advice?

Fuck Covid... but also don't let it stop you from going ahead with your wedding. A smaller guest list does not mean it's not going to be a fun wedding in fact it might be even more fun.


Photography: Warin Marie Photography

Dress: Champagne & Lace

Florals: Grey Florals & Co

Officiant: Vancouver Officiant

Tables & Chairs: Woodpecker Tables

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