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Langley Surprise Proposal - Joel & Krissy

Krissy had booked a session for her and her pupper, Leeroy because he was growing out of the puppy stage and she wanted to document her fur baby before he got too big! We chose her family's property in Langley for the session and decided golden hour would be best (obvs) and that her boyfriend, Joel would come and take a few photos with them too after Krissy and Leeroy had their session.

An hour before I was packing up to leave my house for their session, Joel messaged me saying "Hey, I am going to propose tonight", JAW DROP. Holy sh*t I was excited. I immediately made a plan for the moment, Joel would dance with Krissy, twirl her around a bit and then when he felt ready and close to her, he could choose the moment to get down on one knee.

Krissy's face says it all. This was such a pleasure to document, I definitely happy cried behind my camera.

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