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Carson & Taryn - Fraser River Lodge Wedding

What was yours and Carson's favourite part of the day?

Taryn: My favourite part of the day was our first look, for a number of reasons. First of all, it was nice to finally feel like the day slowed down for a minute; up until the first look it was hectic and stressful and crazy, then, you came to get me and it's like time stopped. Carson and I were able to finally enjoy a few moments together that were entirely focused on us (believe it or not, on your wedding day, you spend a lot of time focusing on other people, and not on yourself) and it was simply about having that time together. You chose a stunning location and the first-look made the rest of the day feel less nerve-wracking.

Carson: My favourite part of the day was also the first look, but the most memorable part of the day was reciting our vows. I felt like finally getting to say our vows was what all of the build-up was for and it was so worth the wait.

Would you change anything about your wedding day?

Of course, we would have preferred to do our original wedding plan, but that's something that no one can change. So, I would say, something attainable that we would change was to better designate people to do certain things in order to feel less flustered and have less running around. The timelines I developed were actually an impressive help, more so than I imagined, but I would've tried to plan things to be less tight and more time to EAT SNACKS!

Any advice for future couples for their wedding day?

My best advice would be to prepare as much as you're able to before the day, and when your day arrives, roll with the punches knowing you've already done everything you can. Account for the little things, be over-prepared and delegate as much as you possibly can. Having a timeline and giving it to the bridal party was a huge weight off my mind, knowing that everyone knew when and where they needed to be without having to come and check-in with me throughout the day was a lifesaver and definitely eased my anxiety. Lastly, the most important piece of advice I can offer: your wedding day will probably feel more like it's for everyone else than it is for you and your partner, and the day will go by so fast that you may feel a bit of disappointment that you didn't have as much fun as you should have. I say this from experience, it will all sink in later, and you will realize that though it went fast, and you might not remember all of the little things, and it felt way more hectic and stressful than anyone ever told you it would, a day or two later it will absolutely feel like the most important day of your life and everyone feels the same way.

Any Covid-19 advice?

Of course, we didn't do too much in the way of COVID-19 protocols due to our incredibly small wedding size, but my biggest piece of advice would be: encourage people to do what they are most comfortable with, and there is always a way to make it happen. Offer up alternatives, come up with back up plans that you don't think you will ever need, but pursue your best-case-scenario option still. Everyone will have different levels of comfort, and you can't control that, and it very rarely is a reflection on how they feel about you, so take that time to offer alternatives to encourage comfort without sacrificing your day. COVID sucks, but you can still be in control of your choices and options, and that's what is most important.


Photography: Warin Marie Photography

Venue: Fraser River Lodge

Dress: Champagne & Lace

Suit: Indochino

Hair: Justyne's Hair Studio - Bridal Hair Vancouver

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