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Edward & Melody - Backyard Vineyards Langley Wedding

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

Melody - "Seeing Ed at the end of the aisle after all of the days peeping, in that moment I finally felt it all come together and it became such a real and raw moment between us. Which is the complete representation of our love."

Ed - "Seeing Melody walk down the aisle." (Typical Ed response lol)

Would you change anything about your wedding day?

Melody - "I actually wouldn’t, because if I did, then it wouldn’t be the day that we had, it wouldn’t be the same. All of it was perfect within the small imperfections (string lights not turned on with chandelier, white crates not placed in the right area) small stuff, it’s all small stuff that it didn’t ruin our day!"

Any advice for future couples for their wedding day?

"Accept help wherever you can, have lots of hands and at least two organized people who understand your whole vision for the day so that it takes stress off of you. It really helped to have my Aunt Debbie and Ed’s mom Bonnie leading the show."


Venue: Backyard Vineyard

Second Photographer: Melanie Lynne Photography

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