Matt & Linnaea - Campbell River Wedding

Matt and Linnaea are the type of people that Nicholas Sparks would write a novel about. They have been together forever and they still look at each other like they just met last week. These two have so much love for each other and their wedding day was no exception. I had tears in my eyes ALL DAY LONG. Just when I thought, I couldn't be more connected to these two, I was catching myself low key ugly crying with them. From Matt's heartfelt note and gift to Linnaea before they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day (he replaced a necklace that she had lost from when they first started dating), to Matt seeing Linnaea walk down the steps towards him, about to become his wife, to the speeches, oh man guys, the speeches, so much love in one room. I will never forget this wedding. Matt and Linnaea, I cannot thank you enough for having me document your day, you are two incredible people and I wish you all the best in your new adventure together. Wishing you both, all of the love in the world.

How Matt proposed... it's a bit of a story.

"It was in August 2016. Matt was turning 30 on August 12th, and it just happened to be the same night that there would be the Perseid meteor shower. It was supposed to be the biggest Perseid meteor shower since summer 2009, the year we started dating. I suggested that we watched the meteor shower and at midnight, toast him turning 30. He readily agreed... maybe too readily... We didn't decide to go down to the beach to watch the meteor shower until about 11:35 pm on the 11th. When we finally decided to go down, we hastily threw some wine, plastic glasses, a bottle opener, and a blanket into the car. Of course we broke one of the plastic glasses as we packed, so I ran back to get another one. I was very worried we wouldn't make it in time! We made it to the beach and walked down to find a dark spot and sat on the bench... Matt forgot the wine in the car and ran back to get it. We were rushed to get the bottle open, wine poured and sitting down ready to toast him turning 30. Matt had his headlamp on (very smart idea) so we could see what we were doing. With 1 minute to go, we were ready for midnight and the big 3-0. Then Matt said he forgot something else!!!! He kneeled down to get something out of his bag, as I asked what else he could POSSIBLY have forgotten, and as the clock struck midnight, he turned on his knees with his headlamp shining on the ring box and proposed with a very romantic speech. It was perfect. We then sat and watched the meteor shower (well, I cried a bunch and kept staring at my ring) until about 3 in the morning. It was amazing. The stars literally aligned." -Linnaea

This girl is AMAZING. As you can see, Linnaea didn't have a veil but wanted "the cool veil shots" so she hiked up her dress overlay and flipped it over her and Matt and BAM, magic.

Photographer: Warin Marie Photography

Assistant Photographer: Melanie Lynn Photography

Venue: Dolphins Resort, Campbell River

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