Matt & Linnaea - Golden Ears Park Engagement

This couple is the best. Matt and Linnaea made the trip to Maple Ridge over from the island. We decided to “hike”, (I say hike because it’s 45 minutes along a gravel path up the Lower Falls Trail in Golden Ears Park, so kind of a hike if you’re like me and think gravel = challenge), but anyways, the end goal was the beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail. Matt and Linnaea have a love of the outdoors and the forest so I knew this would be perfect for them.

Linnaea found me back in November 2016 and booked for their 2018 wedding on Vancouver Island (I am SO excited)! As soon as I met with Matt and Linnaea, I wanted to be their best friend (embarrassing but so true). Linnaea is the type of person that you just gravitate towards. She’s stunning for one, she has an incredible smile with an infectious laugh that made me laugh along with them their entire shoot. Linnaea has this way of making you feel like you are the most interesting person in the world even if you’re making her jump rock to rock over rapids to get the perfect shot. Matt is equally amazing. The way he looks at Linnaea makes me feel like writing all of the cliche “makes time stop” quotes but it is so true! He was so sweet and ready to follow Linnaea over those rapids. Matt and Linnaea were up for anything and had incredible chemistry that shines in their photos. Can you tell that I have a couple crush on them?I cannot wait for their wedding in Campbell River this winter and the chance to hang out with them again! Thank you so much you two, I am in love with this session!


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