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Nolan & Jessica - Alouette Lake Engagement Session

I seriously love these two! From the moment we met at Starbucks (of course, my second home), I had to be a part of their wedding and after 2 hours of chatting about life and wedding plans and getting super off topic like we were old friends, they booked and I was over the moon!

Jess has a love for the forest so we decided on Golden Ears Park and the surrounding Alouette Lake for their engagement session. I have a huge thing for ferns and I thought I was the only one with this unreasonable obsession until I met Jess, fellow fern lovers unite! Jess, her wonderful finance Nolan and I adventured through the forest for some whimsical overgrown shots and made it to the lake just in time for sunset and the beautiful airy light over the mountains. Not to mention the beautiful gown Jess found last minute off bidding wars (SCORE!) This was a session that I will never forget. These two were my favourite and I cannot wait for their wedding next year.


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