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Karl & Areal - Woodsy Thanksgiving Wedding at Thornhill Hall

Karl and Areal wanted their wedding day to be all about family and celebrating their love. It was only fitting that their date fell on the weekend of Thanksgiving and had a turkey wedding dinner with their closest friends and family. They had decorated long community tables with fresh apples and cranberries and the ceiling of the hall was covered in drapery and rustic bulbed lights, it was warm and inviting and beautiful.

The day began with heavy rain and wind which moved the ceremony inside but that didn't matter to them, it was their day and nothing would dampen their happiness. However, after the ceremony, we went to brave the rain for some photos and much to our excitement, the rain had stopped! It left a foggy mist around the hall and made their wedding photos look like we were in an enchanted forest, it was perfect. Karl and Areal were so amazing to be around. Their love was so real that everyone could feel it just being near them. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so thankful that I was a part of it.


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