Jordan & Deni - Golden Ears Elopement

Deni and I have been friends for awhile, about 5 years now (wow, time flies).. Ever since she took my red hair virginity and dyed it a very light (compared to my now fiery red hair) ombre in grade 12. Since then, I have never looked back and we've grown closer from working together on creative projects over the years. So, when she asked me one day if I would be interested in doing something special with her, I figured something special meaning another creative shoot which is amazing all on it's own, I was totally up for it. But, when she explained her plan for her and Jordan's elopement, I lost my mind. I WAS SO EXCITED. We had always talked about me shooting her wedding but now it was actually happening and I was over the MOON.

Deni is an incredible person inside and out. How could you not love someone who embraces beautiful blue mermaid hair? Jordan knows best! It was only fitting that the girl with mermaid hair would choose to have a unique elopement (if an elopement wasn't unique enough already). A 6am sunrise wedding, with a week straight of rain prior to the elopement mind you, and a morning session in the mist of Gold Creek in Golden Ears Park. I was excited regardless, and even when she began to walk down the "aisle" in almost complete darkness, I knew that she and her man didn't even care, they were ready to be together forever. The ceremony was lovely, short and sweet, under a large willow tree in Maple Ridge Park with their 2 witnesses and me. After the ceremony, we hopped in our cars and went up to Golden Ears for some formal photos of the newlyweds. We were very early, so early we had to wait 20 minutes until the park gates actually opened, and then we were off. We ended up at Gold Creek for some stunning shots. Keep in mind, there wasn't suppose to be any sun, let alone cloud on this day and we had no rain. We adventured all over the beach and they were totally up for whatever I envisioned and it was magical. Jordan and Deni are two wonderfully special people to me and I am so happy to have been there for their day!


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