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Steve, Jess, Brooklyn and Baby - Pitt Lake Maternity Session

I LOVED this family. I didn't want this session to end, this family was stunning and up for whatever adventure I came up with, seriously the best. Jess is such a stunning mama and that pregnancy glow in these photos made my job so easy! The spunk that this family had together was SO MUCH FUN. I seriously could have hung out with them for hours. Brooklyn was the best little helper and really took her posing job to heart. She helped me pose her parents in some very, *cute*, poses! Steve was such a good sport helping me carry around a rocking chair that I had brought for their session. Jess had always envisioned her and Brooklyn sitting in a rocking chair, outside, reading together and I wanted to make that dream come true.

There were definitely a few tears shed during this session, as well as some fear for our lives from the bear 100 feet away from us. We had to think on our feet for where to go because the bear was taking over prime tree/sun photo area. However, the bear did not stop us from adventuring through wet fields, with lots of laughs and crazy smiles and fun! I cannot wait to see this family again with a their new addition! So excited for the little one to arrive and have some fun all over again in the next few weeks.


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