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Shelby's Highschool Graduation

Way back in the spring time, Shelby won a senior session with me. She had decided to go ahead and add on to the session to make it a fun filled day of photos for her and her closest friends, (closest being 20 incredible kids)!

We all met up at the Stanley Park Rose Garden, which I definitely recommend taking a trip to in mid June because it smelled amazing and was like walking through a magical fairy land, and went from there! We stayed here for most of the photos and then decided to adventure to the sea wall where their whole grad class was waiting. I have to admit, it definitely brought back memories of my own graduation. However, Shelby's was A LOT more classier than mine. Limo in style to Stanley Park and then off to a gorgeous night of fun in a hotel downtown, a whole lot classier than the Planet Ice in Maple Ridge, but I ain't complaining!

Here are a few shots of the grads and just incase you were curious, Shelby is the gorgeous girl in the light blue dress with amazing (real!) Rapunzel styled locks!


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